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This podcast answers some of life's most challenging and awkward communication questions. We cover everything from diffusing a jerk to asking for a raise. We'll talk about how to start a conversation at a networking event, and what to do if your nose starts running in the middle of a presentation. You'll learn how to handle these situations with ease. These episodes are based on actual questions from my clients every day and come with practical tips you can start using immediately. I've kept these episodes short, so you get just what you need, when you need it, without having to listen through long, drawn-out interviews. Listen, whether you're talking at work, home, or just hanging out with your friends, there isn't an aspect of your life that isn't impacted by your communication, so why not be the absolute best you can be? 

Nov 10, 2022

Good to great doesn't happen overnight, with a silver bullet, or in one magical manifested moment.  Dang it. Wish I had a magic wand for that one!  Average only becomes excellent with consistency. 

You know this, my friend, even if it's hard to hear. If we commit to saving a few dollars daily, those dollars will grow exponentially. If we work out and count calories routinely, we'll lose the 15 lbs we gained during COVID. We know we'll improve our golf game or piano playing if we practice regularly. 

So, why is being consistent so darn hard? 

Because it's easier to stay average than it is to drive for excellence.  

It's easier to spend the dollars than to tuck them away for a rainy day. Oreos are easier to eat, and Netflix is easier to watch than drinking water and going to the gym. In communication, it's easier not to practice presentations or conversations because practicing is awkward. 

Easy choices often lead to average results. 

Choosing excellence isn't easy. 

Choosing excellence requires you to be consistent in the relentless pursuit of your goals. Consistently choosing what's hard, uncomfortable, awkward, and full of failure separates people who realize their goals from those who do not. 

Are you a person who realizes your goals? 

The choice is yours; what will you do consistently starting today? 

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