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This podcast answers some of life's most challenging and awkward communication questions. We cover everything from diffusing a jerk to asking for a raise. We'll talk about how to start a conversation at a networking event, and what to do if your nose starts running in the middle of a presentation. You'll learn how to handle these situations with ease. These episodes are based on actual questions from my clients every day and come with practical tips you can start using immediately. I've kept these episodes short, so you get just what you need, when you need it, without having to listen through long, drawn-out interviews. Listen, whether you're talking at work, home, or just hanging out with your friends, there isn't an aspect of your life that isn't impacted by your communication, so why not be the absolute best you can be? 

Feb 23, 2023

Merriam-Webster defines resiliency as an ability to recover from or adjust easily
to adversity or change. - comes from our ability to handle change, difficult tasks,
setbacks, we work on building in by exposing ourselves to challenges not by
avoiding them.

We have choices when it comes to difficult takes, we freeze in fear, close our eyes
in denial or we can move forward, one step at time, at our own pace, knowing that
even a little bit of progress is better than no progress at all.

1.) What resilient people know
     -we know hard things are a part of life
     - to keep our focus on what we can change, not what we can’t

2.) Seek out challenges and work our way through them
     -that resilience is dependent upon practice; we’re never finished building

3.) Resilient people use deliberate practice
     -set a goal
     -break it into small, manageable parts
     -work on your weakness
     -seek immediate feedback

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